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Here are the messages from SBI CEO Ken Evoy. Please read it through and you will understand the entire pictures.

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Is Success Merely the Absence of Failure?

In these forums, where our #1 goal is helping each other towards online success, it's appropriate to have a place to discuss success and failure. Yes, it's risky for us to bring this topic up. Why? Because we don't want you to associate "failure" with SBI! Website Builder It

However, we'd be doing small businesses a disservice if we led them to believe that all SBIers succeed. And no serious person would believe that, anyway.

Over the years, we've seen hundreds of thousands of small business people buy our books and Site Build It!, subscribe to our zines, take our Masters Courses, etc. That kind of exposure to the complete range of the human condition led me to wonder why some people succeed wonderfully, while others seem to spin their wheels.

Let's take a deeper look at the SBI Case Studies Sites, which features detailed stories told by successful SBIers, one in every single category of small business. One of these stories applies to just about every kind of small business that exists.

While that's usually the point of this site, it's not the point for this discussion. Just read their stories and look for the common threads... enthusiasm, determination, optimism, winning attitude (without "entitlement"), etc.

Fail? Not them. No way. But...

Does everyone with motivation succeed?

Of course not.

But if they're trying, we're there for them. As long as people keep trying, remain determined to succeed on the Net, they will make it, sooner or later.

We go to the ends of the Earth for those who try, for those who are honest, for those who put in the effort. We go to the ends of the Universe for those who fail... and keep trying.

Many people have failed on a first domain, realize their error, and then register a second. And then... BOOM! They connect. They're off and running. It's a sheer joy to watch from there.

One of my favorite quotes is on the prime importance of determination/perseverance...

Nothing in this world can
take the place of persistence.

Talent will not; nothing is more common
than unsuccessful people with talent.

Genius will not; unrewarded genius
is almost a proverb.

Education will not;
the world is full of educated derelicts.

Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933) 30th U.S. president

So... does everyone succeed with SBI!Yes and no.

SBI!takes some work. Determination to succeed.

And it takes a willingness, sometimes, to look inside and eliminate those "failure barriers" that come from within.

Frankly, we don't make any bones about what it takes to succeed. If it were truly as easy as the "get rich quick" guys want you to believe... everyone would be rich.

SBI! removes all the non-business barriers (tech issues like HTML, javascript, PERL, PHP; Internet marketing issues like Search Engine Optimization; etc.). So SBI! makes online success do-able, even simple. But not "easy."

Why "simple" but not "easy?" "Simple" merely means you can do it -- the C->T->P->M process and tools makes it all so do-able.

But, like any serious, real business, it is not easy. You have to do the work. And there's where my own faults enter the picture...

I have one serious personal flaw (my wife would claim a few more, but they are not relevant to this discussion!). I'm not the great teacher that some might think. The truly great educators have the patience of a Buddhist monk. But I have no patience for those who are not willing to do what it takes. Actually...

We now merely fire customers who are too lazy and insincere. We just do not have the time or patience for those... who are not determined to succeed who won't put in the work required who blame... it's always someone else's fault who look for reasons to fail, often before they even get going who won't take that painful look inside to remove the "failure barriers." No, once those customers put themselves irretrievably into that category, we, sadly, fire them. However, I have posted my final try to help them see themselves and change their futures (even if it's not with us)...



This has been a personal, passionate side-project.

We absolutely know that SBI! is the tool that serious, motivated people need to succeed. Nothing else delivers results like SBI!

But beyond that, I believe that we can help some people who fail. But only some. This little booklet is still rather unpolished. Please share your thoughts about it, and about the whole subject, at this forum.

And a final note on this... For those who fall into the category I call "The Cynic" in the booklet, this is not an attempt to blame "SBI! failures" on the user. Serious, hard workers can indeed fail (ex., by choosing a wrong theme for whatever reason). But they dust themselves off, learn from the experience, switch themes, and move forward.

The absence of failure traits, plus determination/persistence, (what we call "BAM" -- Brains and Motivation), added to Site Build It! will indeed deliver success, sooner or later.

A final thought...

It's very hard to define what it takes to succeed. That's why there is an endless supply of success books. But what if we approach this question from the opposite angle... eliminate "failure traits" and your chances for success should go way, way up.

It's more important in this forum, than in any other, if you are still seeking success, to open your mind.

Learn. Search within. Help and be helped. And remember...

Pay it forward.

Ken Evoy
All the best,


SBI! SiteSell

How Not to Fail

To everyone -- success is, to a large degree, the absence of failure. What do I mean by that ridiculously obvious statement?

Most of us trip over our own weaknesses and block our own success. THAT is likely THE most common reason to fail. You may pin the failure on a more tangible excuse (ex., not enough capital for an offline business, or you chose a bad niche with SBI!).

But take each of those one step further.

Why do YOU under-capitalize (too impatient, poor planning) or choose a bad niche (lazy and not wishing to keep hunting and pushing)? It's easy to justify away, but ask yourself, "how come others don't make these mistakes?"

The answer lies within. If you can recognize that, you can get it under control. I don't believe in "cures" for personalities, but I do believe that insight can help you control your behavior. It may take discipline, but lack of that is also something that many need to work on.

So... what's holding YOU back? Don't miss "Why People Fail."

All the best,

P.S. "Why People Fail" gets very personal. You either let your defense mechanisms protect you from what can be painful conclusions (and get no benefit from it), or you open yourself up to the book.

I'd be the first to admit (well, I can think of a few here at SiteSell who'd say it faster ) that I have personality defects that should normally keep me from succeeding (and that definitely slowed me down as I made the transition from doctor to businesss person). I learned to work within them, to keep them under control, and in some cases to put them to good use.

There "ain't" many perfect people out there. So the sooner you identify what holds you back and work on/with it, the sooner you will move ahead.

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Special Prize: The Very ESSENCE

This visual metaphor captures the special free prize inside every e-box of SBI!... sense of freedom, self-reliance, joy of living, passion... all the things that REALLY matter.

This is what SBI! is ALL about. SBIers are winners. They change their lives. They thrive.

"I Love SBI!"

And with this kind of UNparalleled passion for a product...

UNmatched "Top 1%" results

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And here is another... hundreds of successful SBIers all on one site. I guarantee you'll never find a Web host that can display results like this...

SBI Case Studies

Real-world story told by one who is in the same boat. The case studies in this site are detailed recountings of individual SBI! experiences, each in their own words, in their own styles.

Go ahead to DO MORE THAN READ THE WORDS -- read between the lines. Feel the emotion they have for SBI!. It is the very rare product that elicits this kind of intensity. SBI! literally changes small business people's lives. The case studies are powerful proof.

Passion -- For small or home offices, startups, and newbies

This is ideal for the small business person just starting out (and there are zillions of folks in this boat, looking desperately for a way to make money online).

People still don't realize that their hobbies and life skills can generate a solid income on the Web. Let this site be the eye-opener that convinces them it IS possible...and purchasing SBI! is the ONLY way to make that happen.

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Work From Home

Just about everyone's dream is a job that they can do at home. No commute, no bosses, and a chance to work in your 'jamees. Well maybe not. This page emotionally connects with anyone looking for a new life and new possibilities... moms, retirees, people with health problems, and anyone looking for a job they can do from home. SBI! has the power to deliver on this dream.

Web Hosting

Find how Solo Build It! blows away old-fashioned Web hosting. Any Web host can provide space, bandwidth and 99.9% uptime, but how many of them can help you build a successful business?

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How to use that time to build a profitable small business that could pay you for life. You can graduate with more than a degree. You can own a business.

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WAHMs choose not to take paid work outside the home, so that their family can be their first priority. Show this growing audience how SBI! provides the flexibility, income generation and personal fulfillment they are seeking.