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Welcome to SFI!

Congratulations on your decision to join SFI Success Team!

E-commerce is the wave of the future and you've made a great choice.

Here are the actions plan:

  • Visit SFI FAQs to address your questions
  • Try out an IAHBE membership today at NO RISK for a FULL 30 days, you'll get OVER $1,000 in free business bonuses...yours to keep just for trying out the IAHBE!
  • Learn about my best internet business experience - Share my best Internet business experience with new comers. You can save money and time before you find right ways to do business online.
  • Join the training series: This is the 30 days of training for SFI business start up. If you want to understand the SFI system and find what you should work on, this training will serve you as a guide. Please enter your email address, and you will automatically receive the trainings.

    What the Success Team will help you?

    You'll learn from us how to start your internet business without risking your money by following right road maps. We'll teach you how to spot hype and choose the right program to work toward the success. You will learn from us how to marketing SFI business effectively and successfully.

    As you may know, the SFI Marketing Group is one of the Internet's biggest success stories, now with over 7 million affiliates in over 200 countries worldwide!

    The Success Team is to help you and each of your downline to achieve true online success with the "SFI" program. You are welcome to send your downline and friends to this SFI Training page.

    We are going to show you how to bring new people into SFI and let them follow you actively (become Mutiple Income Qualified - MIQ) - Help you to become Power Team Leader (PTL). Then you help your people to become PTL. Your ultimate goal is to become Group Leader (GL). Our training will teach your downlines how to do the same...

    I will do my best to give you the right direction for a successful online business, which will help you save time and save money.

    Many online marketers out there ask you to join their business and then leave you struggling on your own. Or they give you some general marketing information which will not work well, but keep their top secrets...End out you spent a fortune to try out various marketing tools, and still gain nothing!

    So it is important to have one to teach and guide you through.

    I've created 30 days of special training. I will guide you down a 30 day pathway of information and tools. Please think each day as a stepping stone. I will help you walk from one stepping stone to the next stepping stone with confidence. After 30 days' training, you will be on your way to build a thriving SFI affiliate business.

    I will reveal all my personal secrets and show you how to promote SFI successfully. These unique methods and real tactics are proven to work and can be easily duplicated.

    A word of caution though, SFI program is not kind of "Get-Rich- Quick" scheme. If you are serious about making a good income online then be prepared to work hard and work smart. The whole truth about success is that:

    There is no such thing as an overnight success, and there is no magic method.If you do not have persistent patience,it is hard to succeed. Trust yourself. With the right program and right marketing tools, eventually you will earn a powerful income. You can be successful, and you can accomplish your dream. Take action as soon as you understand the system.

    With persistent patience you can create wealth regardless of your weakness. You can fight doubt with determination, fight confusion with concentration. Never quit too soon before success.

    So be prepared to commit yourself to work on it. Be willing to spend the time to build a strong team.

    You MUST get familiar with SFI business model and products first. So prepare spending a week (1-2 hours/day) to go through the SFI website and learn from it. Just follow the 30 day training course, and you will feel much confident after that. But again, a word of caution, is that you need finish the daily "home work". Otherwise, the "30" day course will never be finished...If you don't understand, then send email to me or your direct sponsor.

    For each new career or business, definitely there is a learning curve. So be patient. Do not expect to succeed over night. Just consider your first month of joining SFI as a learning period, and I will help you as much as I can by just asking me.

    Again, trust yourself, follow right road maps, and you WILL Succeed!