Small Business Web Site Design

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How to Do Small Business Web Site Design?

Credibility is what separates the online haves from the online have-nots. 98% of online small businesses concern themselves with only one thing- making the sale. That’s where they go terribly wrong.

Combine knowledge with passion. Make your content pre-sell. Warm up your visitors and develop “open-to-buy” mindsets.

This guide for small business web site design shows you how to design a good web site for your business and increase profit instantly.

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Small Business Web Site Design Advice

Set the goal to design your website which will inspire trust and credibility, pull visitors into your words.

Be personal to present a unique character, personality or friendly tone, or a unique style, from a unique perspective or situation, either business or personal

Be the voice of a trusted friend, not a bunch of words floating around in cyberspace.

Be Professional and Be Simple

Be professional and business looking for your website design: simple, elegant, appropriate. Get them right, which is indeed simple and do-able.

Clean, simple and intuitive designs, ones are appropriate for your specific type of customer, make a positive impression on your visitors. If you check Yahoo!, Google and eBay, you will find they seem to like simplicity.

Online, simplicity rules. It is the safest, most profitable way to design.

Try to present the same page with as little content as possible while still making a great impression

Strategies - How to get your words into your visitors effectively

The Web is a fast place. Communicate your message as quickly and as efficiently as possible. You may use the following strategies:
• headlines and sub-hedlines to pull the reader through, and to divide the page
• short, snappy and active words
• single lines of test for emphasis
• to-the-point sentences
• short paragraphs of 2-3 sentences (5 sentences as max)
• list and bullet points

More suggestions:

• write with a friendly, upbeat tone, letting your visitor know that you share passion and interest in the same subject area

• remove all extraneous material

• develop one idea per paragraph

Readers Scan Text

As you build your Web pages, keep in mind that people tend to scan text, so it is important to keep paragraphs short, and use plenty of white space.

Make your visitor’s reading experience as enjoyable and as time-efficient.

Create a design for scanning and your site will look amazing to your visitors

Make it all look the same – sticking to visual design consistency makes your site look better and more user friendly

Font Color and Background

For font color, choose black. Black text on a white of off-white background is the order of the day. It is easy to read. Deliver the goods in a professional, business-like fashion.

Stick to white background if possible.

Have a Plan

You need to have a plan when it comes to guiding your visitors around and you need to keep to the plan.

Avoid as many off-topic pages as possible. When building them, try to move them out of the main navigational setup. Use a footnote or a Tier 3 page.

You want to put your best and most pulling text and images at top visible screen.

Remember to present that first screen from a “what’s in it for them” point of view.

Break your content into sections, your page design becomes much more attractive

Present the good stuff as soon as possible – at top of web page

Things to Avoid for small business web site design

Try not to put too many advertising banners and animated pictures on your website. It is very easy to click your visitors away. People come to your website for helpful information, not ready to buy anything from you. If you really want to sell your visitors something, make a product introduction page which is more helpful than putting flash banners.

Do not blow your website on something as simple and avoidable as typos.

Avoid different types of icons, different styles of writing, different page builds. Work hard to keep the overall layout looking the same. That way, all attention goes to the true content.

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