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A list of websites and a collection of information for family advice, family freebies, and your health and wealth.

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  • Family budgeting: If you are interested in this topic, you are welcome to vist Family Budget Web Page for a number of websites which offer you coupons and help you save money.
  • Weight loss ideas: Visit this special web page for quick weight loss tips.
  • Using web to know what you are worth: Find salary information for your job in your area from,, These information can help you when negotiating a raise with your employer.
  • Education / Careers

    $2 Million in Scholarships for Working Parents Going Back to School, Visit

  • Be Supplement Savvy
    Before you invest your time, money, and health in nutritional supplements, it's a good idea to do some homework first.

    Consult your doctor first.

    Do your home work. There are several websites which you can use for your own research:;

    the FDA site ( lists supplements that are currently under review due to safety concerns;

    National Institutes of Health serves as a good resource for safety information on nutritional supplements(

  • Feel free to visit the following topics for your beneift.

    Wish these family advice and family freebies will help your health and wealth.

    Making free printable birthday card

    If you want save money and have fun to make birthday for your friends, or your kids on their birthday, you can visit the site here Making free printable birthday card online

    Or do the Google search in the following Google search box by entering "making free printable birthday card", "free birthday card online", or whatever cards you want to make online free:

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