Riches Through Creative Thinking!

When solving problems after you have exhausted the normal means of coming up with the solution, think in terms of unorthodox methods. Vary your thinking and try to solve the problems by creating something completely new and irrelevant. Come into the problem through the "back door".

Research and curiosity go hand in hand in solving the toughest problems. Quite often the answer is so simple, it is not obvious to us. Use an organized plan to work with and record the results logically so you will have a format to follow and a basis for review as you proceed to create something new or solve an "unsolvable" problem.

Creating new programs or products by association is another method of thinking. You first think of an object which is similar or adjacent to the subject item, then continue the "chain" of associated thoughts until new and useful programs or products emerge as ideas. Relate these ideas to the subject item by trial and error or by analysis of all the variables involved.

Plain old fashioned "daydreaming" is another method of creative thinking. Make up a fantastic story in your mind and try to visualize (dream) your way to a successful conclusion based on what results you are trying to achieve.

Consider all the alternatives to what you're trying to come up with. Gather together and analyze all the data you can find about the subject. If you get into a rut, leave it lie. Go to some other aspect of the puzzle. come back to it later. Quite often as you progress it will suddenly appear, bright and clear. When it does, write it all down so you won't lose it as your mind drifts to the next step.

Complete one step at a time. By breaking it down to size you can solve it in segments. Don't try to override your mistakes. Recognize them and bury them so they will help, not hinder, your progress toward your creative goal.

Don't further confuse the issue by doing so much study and research that there are too many roads to take.

How To Sell You Ideas For Huge Royalties

Here is a way to cash-in on your ideas. If they are unique some company just may be willing to pay big bucks for some of them. This report explains how to protect your ideas to make sure that you get paid for them.

Your saleable ideas can be something tangible or intangible. Ideas include such things as mechanical things, chemical compounds, designs, works of art, advertising and business plans, ideas for improving a design, flavor, etc. of an existing product or service. Many thousands of dollars are paid out to idea men each year by industries. If your idea will increase production, increase sales or improve the product, they will be willing to pay substantial money when they accept it. First, you must know how to protect the ideas that you generate. Ideas that are made public by word of mouth or even in writing become public property unless you first make an agreement to retain all rights to your ideas.

Let's say that you have an idea for increasing the sales of an existing product for company

A. Write them a letter similar to this one in duplicate:


I have developed a new idea for increasing the sales of your product. This new method will not increase your costs in any manner. If you are interested in the full details I shall forward them to you upon receipt of the below signed agreement.

AGREEMENT TO REVIEW IDEA. We the undersigned agree to receive in confidence full details about an idea for increasing the sales of widget s as submitted by (your name). It is further understood that we assume no responsibility whatever with respect to features which can be demonstrated to be already known to us. We also agree not to divulge any details of the idea submitted without permission of (your name) or to make use of any feature of information of which (your name) is the originator without payment of compensation to be fixed by negotiation with (your name) or his lawful representative. It is specifically understood that in receiving the idea of (your name) it will be reviewed in confidence and within a 30 day period we will report to (your name) the results of our findings and will advise whether or not we are interested in negotiating for the purchase of the rights to use said idea.

Have them sign both copies and return one to you.

Then you must submit complete details of your idea to the company after they review your idea they must by law follow the instructions of the agreement. Many idea men are earning substantial money following this procedure.

The sky is the limit buy make darn sure that you first get the agreement signed prior to disclosing your idea. Otherwise no go!

To increase chances of having ideas accepted spend lots of time preparing complete minute details before you submit them.

This is the key! Include illustrations of drawings if it's necessary to get the story over.

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