Helpful Tips For Your Everyday Life

Here are a collection of helpful tips for your every day life, from tax to home improvement, from parenting to house cleaning.Those information will be very helpful to you in one way or another.

Free office-type apps

Turn word file into PDF or PDF into word file
There is a great place which do the job for you FREE. It is called PDF Online. Click here to access this service.

Online Word and Excel Application
Applications from Google and offer fully functional office suites that run in Safari and other Web browsers. Google's offerings include a spreadsheet and Google Docs, which is like Microsoft Word. To use them, Visit Google Docs and click on "Get Started." You can create an account and begin editing documents, including presentations. The suite also can import and export Microsoft-compatible files. offers a suite of applications geared toward families and small businesses. This includes Zoho Writer, a word processor, and Zoho Projects, a program that helps you manage projects of all sizes. It has planner and chat functions so you can share schedules and talk online. To sign up, Visit and click "Sign Up." The applications are free for individuals, but there may be a subscription fee for businesses.

Guard Your Identity

  • Shred bank, crdit card and other statements
  • Minimize the number of credit cards you use and carry
  • Check all financial statements carefully for fraudulent charges
  • Check your free credit report every 12 months at

Helpful Tips For Your Tax

1. If you have small business and want to find out all the spending you had last year, you can call your credit card company to get a summary of all the spendings.
Tip: open a credit card account for your business spending only.

2. Want to get tax tips and advice? IRS.GOV is a good site where you can dig out all the forms and get some questions answered. Find the right amount of withholding by using IRS Withholding Calculator.

If you want to more advice, go to Motley Fool ( and another popular tax advice site Eva Rosenberg (

3. If you are nowhere near finsihed with your taxes, file an extention.

4. If you are on the last minutes to send in paperwork to IRS, go to a 24-hour post office. Usually postoffice will open late during the final day of tax filing.

5. Make sure your certify your package to ensure that it is received by IRS for both your state return and federal return.

6. Yahoo tax center offers a complete checklist in case you miss some items:

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Helpful Tips For Homeowners

Here are a few websites for your reference:

1. Rates builders' favorite brands under the Product Guide. More than 307,000 Building Materials, Construction Products, and Tools for Home Building from 26 Supercategories of Building Products:

2. More than 300,000 homeowners in 33 major cities use Angie's list for rating service providers: