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How to identify honest internet business? For Internet business starters, people intend to get wrong impression that it is easy and quick to earn money from online advertising. They are easily got ripped off by a lot of hypes online. Here are a few advice for people who want to run a successful business online.

If you ever searched Internet business model or marketing tools, you might already found that there are so many resources and tools online. Nearly everyone claimed that they have "magic keys" to help you reach financial freedom. It is very important for you to know how to identy honest internet business.

You may tend to do the following: [DO NOT list]

1. Subscribe tons of newsletters

2. Spend huge amount of time to read through every emails which claims to help you success online

3. Subscribe some services who claims to submit your ads. to over 1 million people

4. Submit your site to some service who can sumbit to over 1000 search engines

5. Do not want to spend time to dig deeper to learn real knowledge of online business since it takes time

6. Let other people build your website, not realize that you actually help other people to get more business. Yourself only get small benefit.

7. Being attracted by some "magic keys": like getting 1000 subscribers over 1 week. Yes, you can get those subscribers, but how about the quality of your subscribers? Do they respond your offers? If you simply buy a bulk of leads from some service, you do not know what those people are looking for. If subcribers are un-targetted, you should not feel bad if they do not buy your service or products since now you know the reasons.

8. Feel being ripped off by a lot of bad service...


You may feel dizzy that which ones are good and really can help you, which one offers you the honest internet business tools or ideas. After a while, you may just simply do not open any emails from those resources. Your mood will vary from very excited at very beginning to very disapointed after a few months' trial. Then simply give it up.

If you are among the situation which I describered above, I encourage you to take a deep breath now. You should not think that you do not have good luck for Online business. You do have the ability to get there by following step-by-stey right road maps. There are honest internet business online!

There are a lot of people who run Internet business successfully online. Their background are not better than yours. Among those successful people, there are road construction workers, restraunt workers, office clerks, air traffic controllers, retirees, college students, teenages, or company CEOs, financial advisors, medical doctors...What I am saying is that they are all normal people as you. They ever went through a lot of failures before they reach success. How they finally succeeded? Because they are not afraid failure, they just accept them, then trial next steps. I admit they are hard workers spending days and nights to dig out the real truth about Internet business -- business opportunities and maketing tools.

So what is honest internet business? What are the right tools and right ways to run Online business? [DO list]

1. Prepare to work hard, set up your goal and make a plan

2. Find a good leader or mentor who can really help you

3. Take advantage of free resources -- free does not mean worthless. There are a lot of good education sites run by volunteers or webmasters who simply want to educate people and help people. There are a lot of online forums where you can post your questions and you will get honest answers

4. Keep learning and learning, make notes for every findings

5. Take actions - no matter how small it is. You will learn from what you do. Understand what works and what does not work

6. Do not be afraid of temporary failures. Once you keep doing it in the "RIGHT WAY", you will succeed eventually. Like building a house, if you keep building it daily, your house will be finished eventually. So does your online business.

Of course, there is a steep learning curve at very beginning. But if you have the right attitude about Internet business, you will learn it very fast. Plus, if you have a good mentor, you will shorten your course significantly.

Take your time to do the following: [DO list]

1. Build your own websites even your online business gives you the gateways with your ID - you need your UNIQUE identity Online

2. Write good articles by sharing your knowledge so more people can benefit, in the meantime, you will get high visibility online - which means you will get free visitors to your site.

3. Swap links to other good sites -- not your competitors, but those sites which can support your sites. You should not link to anyone who wants to link to you. You need check their quality first. Otherwise, your reputation will get damaged if you put bad sites on your site.

4. Write newsletters with good contents. Get your own subscribers

5. Promote your site by pay-per-click search engines.


There are a lot of right ways to run your internet business with honest internet business model. If you are really serious to get more advice for online business, website design or online business marketing, you are very welcome to visit us.

If you do not do those actions which listed in the "DO NOT" list no matter how attractive they are, and take those actions which listed in the "DO" list no matter how much efforts you need put at the beginning, you will succeed online and make real income with honest internet business model.

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