Online Marketing Courses

There are literally thousands of marketing courses out there and it can truly make you dizzy. To help you sort it out and to save you valuable money, we've listed ebooks and marketing resources that we've found to be useful and that are well worth your time.

Buy those marketing courses, study them well. Your business will be changed forever and you will make more profit in a smart way.

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Internet Marketing Course

Ultimate Advertising Secret-an Encyclopedia of Internet Marketing Reach 1000s without spending a dime on marketing!

Corey Rudl helped 1,000's of 'regular' people start REAL businesses selling real products and services on the Internet -- everything from homemade soap to financial planning advice to golf supplies. His students make anywhere from $30,000 to $2.5 million per year.

The "Insider Secrets" course is almost like an encyclopedia of Internet marketing, since it explains in tremendous detail absolutely everything you need to know about how to start, run, and grow a profitable online business. Absolute highest recommendation.


The Amazing Formula

The Amazing Formula that Sells Products Like Crazy really works.It promises an “amazing” formula for success and then delivers it to you in a way that will excite anyone looking to taste that steak behind the sizzle. This is a must-read for e-business entrepreneurs interested in learning from a pro at web-site marketing.


Push Button Sales Letter

Several templates for sales letters are provided in which you can point and click on your choice. Try them all out if you like to see which one best fits your current needs. This entire system can aid you in, literally, a “fill in the blank” manner. Not only is it easy to follow, it was also a massive time-saver. Collecting ones business ideas can be a monumental endeavor not to mention having the ability to present them in an effective manner. This Sales Message Generation Software does just what it promises, it generates sales messages and letters, quickly and effectively, proficiently communicating information to your client.


Amazing Ad Copy Secrets Revealed!

This e-book leaves no part of the ad writing process unexamined. Every technique in the formula is presented in a way that redefines what we actually do when we sit down to struggle with ad copy. And every secret is revealed in way that builds on the one that came before—until the complete route to a successful plan is mapped out in front of you. Within each value-packed page of this e-book, you’ll learn the real how-to’s of building the headline that works, creating the perception of value for your client, understanding the problems your target market wants to solve, or the end results they want to obtain. You even find out how to troubleshoot every phase of your approach along the way so that you can fine-tune and improve as you go. With laser beam precision, Amazing Ad Copy Secrets hone right in on the psychology of the offer and the deal. If you’re serious about understanding the techniques of sales persuasion on the web, you need this e-book in your toolkit.


Gimme My Money Now!

Building on the success of his Amazing Formula arsenal of simple, yet powerful secrets for selling on the Internet, Marlon covers even more ground with this tightly constructed plan for selling products on the web. Every step in the plan is an action that’s designed to produce clear, measurable results. And, like every other value-packed component in Marlon’s Amazing Formula, this strategy for web-site marketing boils down to a science that provides tips for repeatable success. Marketers at all levels of experience and expertise can benefit from his real-world wisdom. Read this e-book if you’re at all serious about putting an Internet sales plan in motion. So, if you’re looking for a better, smarter way to get your (web sales) money now, try this amazing game plan. Your customers will be more likely to give you their money after you’ve converted Marlon’s formula into action.