Identify Legitimate Internet Business
How NOT to be Ripped Off
by Online Hype

It is very important to find legitimate internet business before you put your money at risk - grasp a few key points here to help you make right decision for your online business investment.

When you are surfing online, you visited a number of websites. Some website copies are so attractive and you are nearly ready to pull your wallet out, give them your credit card number. But before you do that, please consider following advice:

1. Check their "contact" or "support" area. Is there phone number and physical address there? If yes, give them a call first to learn about the products.

2. Look at their front page, is there any live support available? If yes, go ahead to chat with them for a while.

#1 and #2 ensure you to deal with real companies. You can get quick refund if you do not like the products.

3. If you cannot find any phone number or live support button, go ahead to send them an email to ask about the details for the products. Wait for their response. If you do not get any response within 2 business days, you should NOT buy products from them at all. You will not get good support from them even you buy any products from them, or get refund back since they may just set up the "automatic money machine" there, take the order only. You should not give them any credit card number.

If you made mistake to give wrong person with your credit card number, ordered products, but want to get refunded because of bad products, if you cannot find that person at all, you can visit Input their domain name, you may be able to find who owns that site. Then contact them from the phone listed there.

I wish someone can create an organization similar to "BBB" for Internet business. So if something goes wrong, some authority can find them and contact them for you and get your money back if you cannot find the website owner.

There are thousands of thousands of websites which offer "good deal" or "magic button". You should be very careful to make sure you deal with legitimate internet business.

The above advices may help you NOT to give money to wrong person.

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