Money Saving Ideas
Money Saving Tips for Families

A collection of money saving ideas and money saving tips for families from real experience and reliable resources.

I would offer my readers some money saving ideas and tips which may help you and your family.

  • get discount price when you try buy something online or in retail store

    For myself, if I need buy something online, I first go to to look for coupon code. Recently I need buy some Lego toys. I went to Google, type “Lego coupon”, then I found a few websites which offer coupon “buy $20 and get free shipping”

    You can check the family advice web page to get a list of websites for money saving coupons (toys, groceries, eletronics, anything you want to buy.....)

  • Money Saving Ideas and Money Saving Tips for Families:

  • check your phone bill, cable bill and any other home bill very carefully. Make sure there are no hidden fees charged

    Recently I found my cable bill was charged extra money beyond monthly fee. I called the service. They told I was charged $5.99 per month for insurance, additional $5 for not connecting the cable station with phone jack by using the phone line connection! It was shocked to me. I told them I was never told that I needed pay insurance; and I was never told that I need connect the cable station with phone jack. I asked them to remove those charges. I asked them to refund me the partial insurance money because that I was never told so. But I was already got charged for a number of months…..

    By reading my story, make sure you go back to your home bills to check every details and make question marks why those were charged. If you are not clear, then give those companies a call. Be aggressive to ask for refund if the charges were not reasonable.

  • Check your credit card bill very carefully

    Once you receiver your credit card bill, read each charges very carefully including those dinning out payment. Once time I agreed to pay restaurant $37, somehow that restaurant charged me $47. Another story was that I cancelled the service within trial period because of some side effect of some supplement, somehow I was charged for $59.95. I called this company with the evidence of my cancelation record. I got the refund back……… you need be very careful to make sure every spending on your credit card statement was what you agreed to pay for.

  • Be persistent to call customer service if you want to get your money back

    When you find you are billed inappropriately and want to get refund, call those service providers. Sometimes some customer service people will not give what you want to be treated or get what you want, one tip is that you ask to talk to their supervisors for issues. Another tip is to try call another time and talk to another customer service people – most of time you will be able to talk to a reasonable / kind people and get your money back or get problem corrected.

  • Use the above money saving ideas and tips for your benefit and start saving more moneys.

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