About My Internet Business Experience

I want to share my Internet business experience with you so you can select best internet business model to run. It may help you to better understand the reality and the success truth.

At very beginning, I joined a program called SFI. If you want to learn more, click the links here

Or learn more by click this link

At the beginning of my internet business, I did a lot of efforts to promote SFI by various means and I wasted a lot of time and money for advertising. I read a lot of success stories inside SFI but somehow their method did not work out for me. After a number of trials, I nearly gave up SFI. But I still keep EA status by either buying their vitamins or IAHBE (one of SFI products) since those are useful for me. Another thought for me to keep SFI is that I use the expense for my tax deduction ¡V as small business expense¡K.to deduct IAHBE expense, internet expense, postage expense.

Later, inside IAHBE, I read an article about Solo Build It service and downloaded the Solo Build It affiliate ebook. I really like Dr. Ken the writing - it is fun, and seems real.

After that, I wanted to give Solo Build It a try. I bought Solo Build It website builder. My website site called Best Internet Business.

By the way, if you are curious about what books I read which was the turning point, You can download here

I listened Dr. Ken Evoy's advice for how to run a good Internet business: if it is real business, you need work on it as your real job. I was seriously paying attention what Dr. Ken Evoy said in his affiliate book. I put SFI on one of pages. I built other contents for online business education for new comers.

Dr. Ken Evoy taught everyone to build free traffic which is the turning point for my internet business.

Now my website got top ranking from Google.

You can test it: if you go to google.com, type key word: best internet business, you will find my website listed at the very top of the search page.

Right now, my SFI subscribers are from my website through google search engine.

Another thing I need mention is: article advertising.

In order to build your best internet business with free traffic to your website, you can submit articles to article directories.

A few years ago, ezinearticles.com asked people for articles. They let people to submit 100 articles to their website for free. I worked day and night for a couple of weeks, I subscribed about 70 articles to that service. You can check it out here.

At the end of article, put your information. See example .

If some people wants to get the $200 worth bonus from SFI, they clicked my website link, sometimes they subscribed to SFI.

Ok, it is my internet business story. I wish you can learn from my internet business and take right actions for your success.

If you are seriously about building online business, go ahead to read Dr. Ken Evoy's affiliate book. You can download it from here.

I sincerely wish some day you will feel that you find the door for the online business! I found it from Solo Build It.

Dr. Ken Evoy posted the detailed action guide to readers for free. Take your time to go over the action guide video or or action guide in text

Solo Build It does not need you to understand html code in order to build website. You just type text, Solo Build It will transfer your text into website. Very easy. Everyone can do it. You can learn it from the action guide as mentioned above. I used Solo Build It for building my internet business.

I recommend you not wasting time and money to do those ways you already tried but no results. Start new ways for your best internet business for success. I believe if you follow Ken's advice, sooner or later, you will succeed online. There are a lot of success stories, find out here

Do you have hobby or other interest? If so, put it on your website, post the google adsense, then you get paid from advertising.

If you do not understand google adsense yet, you can learn from the google website: google adsense or Solo Build It's advice for google adsense

Read ebooks first to get idea, and subscribe Solo Build It free affiliate programs so you can get free Internet business education

Another service I used is aweber for auto resonsder: -- it let me send email automatically and globally. To learn more about email marketing, visit here

Wish you success for selecting the best Internet business.

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